Spartan Handbook

We’re excited about the upcoming school year and are pleased to have you as a part of our school. We believe that this school belongs to all of us – students, parents, staff, and community. We are committed to providing academic, elective and social opportunities for our students and invite you to participate in all of these opportunities to their fullest. We encourage you to have a positive attitude as you engage in classes, activities and friendships. We will do everything in our power to help make it a successful year, but we expect you to do your part too. Because we have high expectations for our students, we set high standard. Please do not be satisfied with less than your best work in every subject. Let's make a strong commitment to excellence this year! 

Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty or cheating includes taking credit for the words or ideas of someone else. For example:
-Copying someone else’s work, including a peer
-Looking at notes or using a calculator on a test (unless teacher explicitly allows)
-Writing a report for someone else or turning in a report written by someone else
-Giving answers through signals or in writing
-Using technology to exchange answers
-Completing homework for someone else
-Plagiarizing from books or the internet
These violations may result in a phone call home to parents, a non-negotiable zero, detention, and/or suspension.

Advisement is a schoolwide block of time at Ken Caryl Middle School held every Wednesday. The purpose of this time is to provide support, enrichment and community building to students. This time also allows students to complete assignments and receive help from teachers. All students will also have required reading time during this period. This class receives a pass/fail grade. Students who earn 60% or higher will receive a passing grade. The grade will be broken down into:
Spartan Time - 50%
Drop Everything & Read - 25%
Citizenship - 25%

After School Labs
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, students are welcome to stay after school from 2:30-3:20 p.m. to receive additional support from teachers.  ELA teachers are available on Mondays, math and elective/exploratory teachers on Tuesdays, and science and social studies teachers on Thursdays. Typical support items include assessments, missing work, enrichment learning, absent work, homework help and/or a quiet place to study/work. All students who stay after school must be with a staff member at all times. Students are expected to be in the lab classroom they are attending by 2:30 p.m. and leave school grounds as soon as they are done. There is no loitering on school grounds after school hours. 

Regular, daily attendance in class is of prime importance to the educational process. All students are expected by law to attend school on all days of the established school calendar.

Reasons for excused absences include: temporary illness or injury, family emergency, absence pre-approved by an administrator, absence for an extended period due to physical, mental or emotional disability, and/or being in the custody of the court or law enforcement authorities. When a student will be absent from school, the parent is asked to telephone the attendance office at 303-982-4650 before 7:30 a.m. A message can be left on the attendance voicemail 24 hours a day. Please help us do an effective job of monitoring students' absences. We believe that to keep students safe, we need to know the whereabouts of all our students. Attendance letters will be sent to parents whose student has absences in excess of 10 days, excused or unexcused.

If a parent knows in advance a student will be absent from school for more than 2 school days, a Prearranged Absence Form must be completed and signed off by each of the student’s teachers. This form should be returned to the attendance office at least 3 days in advance of the absence beginning. 

The school recognizes that it is not always possible to schedule all appointments outside the school day, however we ask that you try your best too. To excuse a student for an appointment, call the attendance office at 303-982-4650 and request an early dismissal pass. Students leaving for an appointment must be signed out in the attendance office by a parent or guardian and if they return the same day, the student must return to the attendance office to sign in before returning to class. Parents do not need to sign students back in upon returning to school.

A primary responsibility of Ken Caryl students is to report to all classes in a timely manner. Individual teachers/teams will establish rules and consequences for any student tardy to class. If a student has a habitual tardy problem additional school consequences will be enforced. For attendance purposes, students tardy to their first period class must report to the attendance office after the first 10 minutes of school for an admittance slip. 

Due to student safety and the size of our hallways, students are not allowed to carry backpacks/bags to classes. Students are only allowed to carry their trapper keepers/notebooks and Chromebooks in the hallways and to classes. Although staff will work with students on organizational strategies throughout the year, we also ask parents to set aside time each week to help students clean out and organize their trapper keepers at home.

Before & After School
Students may be on school grounds beginning at 7:00 a.m. each day. Students will wait outside the building and be allowed to enter when the first bell rings at 7:15 a.m. If a student needs to enter the building prior to 7:15 a.m. they must get a pass the day before from a staff member. 8th grade students will wait on the blacktop behind the temps and will enter through the north side of the building; 7th grade students will wait on the west side of the building in the grass between the bicycle cage and temps and enter the west temp doors; 6th grade students will wait by the south-west side of the building and enter through the south-west door. In cases of inclement weather, all students will be brought in to the commons area. Breakfast will be served each morning from 7:00-7:25 a.m. Students who are purchasing breakfast will need to enter the building through the east door. 

After school, students are expected to leave school grounds by 2:30 p.m. unless they are participating in a supervised activity (i.e. after school labs, clubs, sports, activities, or socials). Parents need to pick up students promptly after school or after lab. If necessary, students should walk home or have arrangements for childcare. Once students leave the building they need to remain outside and head for home.

Behavioral Expectations
Our expectation is that students will always behave in an appropriate manner, and that they will show respect for each other and the staff. Students who display poor citizenship and/or offensive behaviors will be subjected to disciplinary actions such as restorative learning, detention, suspension and/or expulsion. Our goal is to correct student's behavior so that each student can be a positive member of our school community. 

The following guidelines outline the areas of infraction enforced at Ken Caryl Middle School: 
-Behavior which is detrimental to the welfare and safety of students or staff
-Willful disobedience and open defiance
-Willful destruction or defacing of property
-Interference with the school's ability to provide educational opportunities to themselves or others

These rules are communicated to all students with the understanding that we must all work together to ensure their implementation. It is our hope that parents and students will promptly report any inappropriate behaviors that jeopardize each student's right to enjoy a positive and safe learning environment. Serious violations including violence, drug or alcohol possession, or other violations of the law, will, without exception, involve law enforcement authorities and result in significant disciplinary consequences. Jefferson County Schools Student & Family Handbook policies must be reviewed by parents and students online. School administration will also review key policy information from the Jefferson County Schools Student & Family Handbook with students, at the beginning of each school year. 

All bikes are to be placed in the locked bicycle enclosure to the west of the building. Bikes must be locked and chained. The school will take precautions to secure the bicycles by locking the bicycle enclosure during school hours but cannot assume responsibility for any damage or loss which may occur. Skateboards and scooters must be stored in the scooter closet, located inside the main entry doors. Motorized scooters are not allowed on school property. When on school grounds, students must walk their bicycle/scooter/skateboard.

Bus Riders 
Bus transportation is a privilege. It will be denied to students who cannot accept the responsibility for proper behavior. Students who create problems at the bus stop or fail to obey the instructions of the bus driver will receive consequences for their behavior and may be denied the privilege of riding the bus.  Students who wish to ride home with a friend on a bus other than their assigned bus must have a note signed by a parent or guardian and approved by administration. Text messages will not be accepted.

Campus Portal
Ken Caryl Middle School staff utilizes a computer "live" gradebook and attendance system that can be accessed by parents and students. Due to the number of students each teacher has please give teachers 48 hours after an assignment is due to appear in the gradebook. Larger projects or assessments may take a little longer to appear in the gradebook. Parents can access their account through the Campus Parent app and students can use the Campus Student app. We strongly encourage parents to have separate accounts from their students. Directions and password information may be obtained during registration or by coming into the attendance office during the school year. 

We encourage parents to attend all Parent/Teacher/Student conferences available throughout the year. This is an opportunity for parents to be involved in their student's education and be informed of the success and/or the problems their child may be experiencing. Parent/Teacher/Student conferences will be held each semester. Conference times are not pre-scheduled; please drop-in at your convenience.  Parent/Teacher/Student conferences can also be held at any time by request. Parents should call their student's teacher or counselor to request a conference. 

Dress Code
Students should report to school ready for work and should not wear anything that is in poor taste or could be considered distracting to learning. The dress code at Ken Caryl is as follows:
-No exposed stomach, back or cleavage
-All tops must have straps at least 3 fingers wide
-No halter tops, large cut arm holes, sleeveless or see-through shirts
-Skirt and short length must be at fingertip length or longer
-No "low rider" or sagging pants
-No visible undergarments
-No pajamas
-No clothing with tobacco, drug, alcohol, sexual, satanic, bullying, or obscene messages
-No informal head coverings - i.e., baseball caps, hoods, bandannas, beanies
-Accessories such as spikes or chains should not be worn or brought to school
-Coats, backpacks, and bags must be stored in lockers
-Shoes must be worn at all times
-No bedroom slippers
-No sunglasses or non-prescribed eye wear

If a student is dressed inappropriately, the following action will be taken: 
-The student may call home to ask someone to bring a change of clothes. 
-The student will be directed to change into shorts and a t-shirt distributed by the school.
-If a student is defiant about the issue, the student may be suspended until the dress code is followed. 

Drop Off and Pick Up
We recognize how busy our parking lot gets before and after school. In collaboration with Jeffco Sheriffs Department and our transportation department, we have developed some procedures to help ensure student safety and expedite drop off and pick up times. We want to remind all vehicles to be vigilant of students and follow school zone speed limits. Students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up behind the school on Hinsdale Place. If families do not want to use our two drop off locations, students can be dropped off and picked up at St. Phillips Church across Ken Caryl Avenue. For students who use St. Phillips Church they will need to use the crosswalk in front of KCMS to cross Ken Carly Ave. Please make note of the graphic below which highlights vehicle routes, drop off and pick up locations, no stopping or parking areas, and bus lanes.
Traffic flow for drop off and pick up at KCMS

Electronics/"Away for the Day"
All electronic device use must follow Jeffco internet policies and agreements. Cell phones are prohibited in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria and at recess and must be kept powered off and in lockers. Only district Chromebooks may be used in class and for educational purposes only.  Headphones and earbuds are prohibited in the hallways and at lunch. As always, if an electronic device is brought to school, it is the student’s responsibility. Students must practice appropriate digital citizenship and follow Jeffco electronics policies.  Misuse of technology may result in revoked technology privileges and disciplinary action.

If a student is seen with electronics or they are heard (on person or in locker) the following action will be taken:
1st Offense - device is taken from the student, parents are notified and the student may pick up the device after 2:14 p.m.
2nd Offense - device is taken from the student and a parent must come in to get it
3rd Offense - device is taken from the student and a conference must be held which includes a parent, the student and an administrator
4th Offense - additional consequences which may include detention and/or suspension

Food and Drink
Students may only have water in classrooms and hallways throughout the day. The container must have a spill-proof lid/cap. Students are also able to have a small, healthy snack in classrooms during our daily snack time. Snack time is the first 10 minutes of block 3 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays it occurs the first 10 minutes of Advisement and on Thursdays the first 10 minutes of block 2. All other food and drinks should only be consumed during lunch in the lunchroom unless a documented health plan requires otherwise.

Google Classroom
All classes will have a Google Classroom. This platform acts as the virtual classroom where assignments and messages will be sent to students. We encourage parents to review each classroom with their students on a weekly basis to know what is going on in class. If a parent would like to have guardian access to a classroom please contact the classroom teacher. 

Grading Policy/Late Work
Students are expected to demonstrate the Jefferson County Standards for Learning. Students will earn letter grades (A-F) in each class at the end of the semester. Weekly eligibility grades will be posted every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. These grades should be up-to-date for any assignment/assessment that was completed and/or due the week before. After 9 weeks midterm grades will be posted in Campus Portal. These grades are only progress grades. Semester grades will run all 18 weeks and all assignments will be average for a final grade. A students final grade will be calculated at the end of the semester and posted to transcripts within one week of grades being posted in Campus Portal. Students are expected to access Campus Portal to track their assignments and grades in each of their classes.  Parents should call their student’s teacher immediately if they have concerns about their student’s work/grade. 

All core classes (ELA, math, science & social studies) will use the following calculations/weights for their semester grades:
Classwork & Homework - 30% 
Quizzes, Tests & Projects - 60%
Citizenship - 10%

All elective and exploratory classes will use the following calculations/weights for their semester grades:
Classwork & Homework - 35%
Quizzes, Tests & Projects - 30%
Citizenship - 35%

Completing work on time is important in being ready for class and also in helping to learn time management skills. Work that is turned in after the due date without prior arrangements being made with the teacher will be penalized. For work that is turned in after the due date but prior to the end of the unit during which the work was assigned will earn 75% of the points earned on the assignment. For worked turned in after the unit has ended, but before the end of the quarter 60% of the points earned on the assignment will be given. No late work will be accepted for points one week prior to the end of each quarter. After the quarter is over, no work from that quarter will receive points.  

Hall Passes
During the school day, students are expected to remain in class. The passing period should be used for restroom and water breaks. If it is necessary for a student to be in the halls for access to the bathroom, drinking fountain or locker, they must use their quarter hall pass. Students will have 10 passes each quarter. It is the responsibility of the student to be prepared for class and use their passes wisely. It is the student's responsibility to keep track of their pass as each student will only receive one pass per quarter, with no replacements.  

Honor Roll
The Gold Honor Roll is for students with a 4.00 GPA and the Silver Honor Roll for students with 3.50-3.99 GPA. Recognition for students will be held in their Advisement class at the beginning of each semester for the prior semester. 

Locker assignments will be made for one academic year and are provided by the school for the storage of outer clothing, backpacks and books while students are in school. Students are able to access their lockers before school, before and after lunch, and after school. Students are responsible for the condition of their lockers on the inside and outside. Any decorations should be easily removable to avoid fines and excessive cleanup at the end of the school year and should be appropriate for school. Students may not change lockers and are not to share lockers. Each student will be responsible for the locker assigned to him/her. The assigned combination on the locker is changed each year, but will not be changed during the year so it is important to protect the combination and not share with other students. Students are not allowed to put personal locks on their lockers. If students "set" lockers so they can be opened without the combination, they will lose the privilege of having a locker. Lockers are the property of Jeffco Public Schools and are issued to students for their convenience only. Lockers may be opened and searched by authorized school personal at any time. 

Make-Up Work
It is essential that students who are absent from school make up the work they missed. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate a request for make-up work. Time allowed to make up work from an excused absence is twice the number of class periods missed. Extensions to this time must be arranged with each teacher prior to the deadline.

If a student has an unexcused absence they are still responsible for the material covered in class and through homework to ensure the learning has taken place. However, no credit or points will be given for work assigned or due on the day of an unexcused absence. 

If a student is suspended from school for any length of time the student should have the potential to earn full credit for work missed. Students are expected to establish a timeline for finishing work due on the day of return; however, per district policy, they will be allowed two days for every class period missed.

All prescription medications or over-the-counter medications must be kept locked in the health room medicine cabinet. They must be in the original or pharmacy-labeled container (pharmacists will provide a second labeled container upon request) with the correct student name, drug name, dosage, and administration instructions and accompanied by a Medical Permission Form signed by the parent. Tylenol, Advil, or any other medication including cough drops are not available at KCMS. Students are not able to carry these items or store in their locker. 

KCMS' Weekly Newsletter and school flyers will be sent out via PeachJar. Teachers will communicate via teacher websites, Google classroom, email and voicemail. Voicemail numbers and emails are available on our web page under Our School. Please give staff 24 hours to respond to your message. Important updates and safety concerns will be communicated through School Messenger via email, text and phone. It is important to keep contact information and emergency contacts in Infinite Campus up-to-date and accurate to receive all school communication. 

If a student has a concern with a teacher or class we ask that this resolution process be followed:
-The first conversation must be between the student and the teacher to discuss the concerns. If the student is reluctant to speak with the teacher one-on-one, the student may first meet with the counselor for coaching on how to best advocate for him/herself. 
-If after the student’s one-on-one meeting with the teacher the concern still persists, then the parent should schedule a meeting with the student and the teacher to discuss a plan to best support the student in his/her learning.
-If after the parent and student have met with the teacher the concern is unresolved, then a meeting with the parents, student, teacher, administrator, and possibly counselor should be scheduled.

Students will be issued planners to help with the organization of materials and time. The planner will help the student keep track of all seven classes and the homework needed for each day. There is also a pocket in the planner where we encourage students to store their hallway passes and student ID. Students will want to share their planners with their parents as they discuss the daily school activities. 

Spartan PRIDE
Our Spartan Pride Program is designed to promote excellence in behavior and action throughout the school and our community. We will show PRIDE in our everyday actions:  
Positive Attitude
Demonstrate Respect
When students demonstrate these characteristics throughout our building they will receive Spartan Bucks that can be used towards items in our school store and quarterly celebrations. Our Spartan Pride Program also recognizes students demonstrating these characteristics on a monthly basis through awarding Spartan of the Month certificates, who are recognized at our monthly PRIDE assemblies by our school principal. 

Parents are always welcome to visit the school and observe their child's classes with prior approval from an administrator. For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors need to check in at the main office. This includes before and after school. KCMS uses Raptor Software requiring all visitors to show a photo ID that can be scanned into the system. We need everyone to wear a visitor badge. Anyone caught in our building without proper identification will be ticketed for trespassing. Prospective students of Ken Caryl are permitted to visit during the day with the prior approval of an administrator. Friends and relatives of KCMS students are not permitted to visit during the day. 
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